Thanks Freddy!

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It was Tenebrous Kate of Super Coven and Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire a couple weeks back, and now Freddy In Space?!?! Great reviews from great websites! I love love love getting these Zombi Mexicano recs from folks I’m a fan … Continued

MONSTERPALOOZA this weekend!

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It’s Monsterpalooza time again! April 12-14 I’m set up selling ZoMex, items from the FPU archives and collectibles vault, and a pile of vintage sci-fi and monster toys. If you’re anywhere near the LA area, swing on by and say … Continued

Up close and… flakey

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It’s been a while since I posted anything on what are easily my favorite Heche en Mexico lucha libre souvenirs — the 3″ poorly molded and even more poorly painted gems we refer to simply as “bag figures.” This particular … Continued