In the fall of 1996, publisher KEITH J. RAINVILLE launched The Rasslin’ Magazine FROM PARTS UNKNOWN, a niche ‘zine dedicated to all things masked wrestler – pop culture, ring sports, weird media, collectible merch and mask fetish.

What came to be known simply as FPU ran in magazine form for five years, with similar content branching off into books and other media, and now online.

Rainville has also consulted on various lucha libre-related projects since relocating to Los Angeles in 2000 – the name and marketing look for Lucha VaVOOM and the story/screenplay to the animated film Los Campeones de la Lucha Libre included in his credits.

FPU’s scribe and slave in his prized 40+ year old gorilla suit, which appeared in one form or another in every issue of FPU. That’s famous monster movie landmark Bronson Cave in the background. (Photo by Jodi Wylie)

Frequent FPU contributors and partnering creators include author Christa Faust, Sonambulo creator Rafael Navarro, the Los Angeles-based mask artist known as El Evil, artist Tony Figueroa, artist/writer Nathan Long, writer Kurt Stichler, and Eddie Mort and Lili Chin of FWAK! Animation.


Keith Rainville, 2658 Griffith Park Blvd. #163, Los Angeles, CA 90039

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