Thanks Freddy!

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It was Tenebrous Kate of Super Coven and Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire a couple weeks back, and now Freddy In Space?!?! Great reviews from great websites! I love love love getting these Zombi Mexicano recs from folks I’m a fan of in the first place and who have turned me onto so much other coolness in the past.

And its just amazingly rewarding when I can pull blurbs like:

“the definitive compendium on Mexican zombie cinema”


“We as horror fans tend to talk about the same movies over and over, and to pick up a book and read all about zombie movies that I had no idea existed was a real treat, and an entertaining history lesson, all in one.”


” I feel like a better horror fan for now knowing that there are in fact Mexican zombie movies out there, an obscure but nevertheless important branch of zombie cinema that all fans should have at least some minor knowledge of.  And that’s what the book is all about; giving us all a brief history lesson on an aspect of the genre that most of us aren’t familiar with.”


Read the full review and find all kinds of horror and related ephemera over at Freddy In Space.


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