One-inch lucha stickers

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These inch-high stickers are on that puffy cheap vinyl common to dime and quarter capsule machines, Cracker-Jack prizes, etc.


What I love is that the art actually looks like it was rendered at an inch tall, rather than a larger size that would lend a better result when mechanically shrunk down.


I got these about ten years ago, but would put them more at an early 90s vintage, based on what stars are featured.

And here’s a close up look at the “art.” So cool…
Alcatraz Arana Arana2 Atlantis Atlantis2 BlueDemon Canek Diablo Dragon Dragon2 Enjambre Fuerza Fuerza2 Marabunta Maracara2K Octagon Octagon2 Octagon3 Panther Pierroth Ponzona Ponzona2 Rayo Rayo2 Sagarada Santo


Villano Villano2 Villano3

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