EL MONJE LOCO – The Mad Monk

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While putting together the latest book, I realized twenty pages could have been dedicated to the horror institution that is “El Monje Loco” — part Cryptkeeper, part Zacherley, star of radio, newspaper strips, comic books, film and TV going on seven decades. Alas, I didn’t have those pages, so here’s some of what would have appeared:


I discussed the character briefly in reviewing the 1973 Agrasanches-produced Mil Mascaras and Tinieblas vehicle Leyendas Macabras de la Colonia in Zombi Mexicano, but I’ve never been clear if the character is an immortal undead, a ghost, a disfigured human or what.

Mad Monks from 60’s cinema and more modern TV

The comic books, however, were rife with outright zombie imagery, shambling corpses, grave poppers, vengeful victims and more.

How do you counter a zombie monk? Chair-shot to the head of course!

Particularly striking were the painted covers from Tradiciones y Leyendas de la Colonia, the other series that ‘inspired’ the ’73 film. These are positively stunning…


tradiciones_3 tradiciones_2 tradiciones_4 tradiciones_5

This one, however, is my favorite:


That coffin-burster could be the twin brother of my favorite zombie ever, the jaw-dropping skeletal screamer from the end of Return of the Living Dead.



See a lot more of these covers at the superb (and often gross!) Spanish-language site El Blog de la Muerte.


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