UNUSED ZOMEX: Muertos line art

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This time it’s something I did use in the book, albeit in the pink and orange scheme.

Here’s the much less psychadellic original line art for those of you who want something to color on your own.


A confession here — I cheated a bit in using these in the book, as the below are not actually my beloved momia/zombies at all. Rather, this is ad-mat art from the 1971 (or 73 depending on the database) Mexican creature classic Santo contra los asesinos de otros mundos (Santo vs. the Killers from Another World).

The Agrasanchez momia masks may have been used (or knocked-off) in this film for a series of grisly murder victim discoveries. The publicity line art was certainly inspired by the Guanajuato shamblers if nothing else…

zombie-line_4 zombie-line_3 zombie-line_2 zombie-line_1

If you haven’t seen this film, famous for its gladiatorial battle on what’s supposed to look like the moon (the set is executed with high-school play production values) and for the amazing Blob-like ‘monster’ made from an oily disgusting tarp, then cure that!


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