RENCOR roughs

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Carolina-based illustrator and wrestling title belt designer Jesse Justice is no stranger to the FPU faithful. Here’s a look at some of the roughs and design evolutions of the artwork he did for us for Rencor: Life in Grudge City. … Continued

RENCOR print edition now on sale!

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Loved by man and mummy alike, it’s here, the second-coming of Matt Wallace’s RENCOR: LIFE IN GRUDGE CITY! By popular demand the genre-blended love letter to buddy cop movies and classic lucha-heroes is now available in traditional print format. “Funny, bloody-knuckled … Continued

RENCOR now on sale!

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What has two rival luchadores forced to partner up to clean up the streets, a possibly fake mummy, a possibly real mummy, a Latina kick boxer in a lab coat, a crooked promoter, a crooked museum, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, over-aggressive … Continued

Well done Michael Koelsch and BACKSTORY!

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This positively incredible image won the internet this week, virally exploding after guys like me, Kevin Kleinrock of Masked Republic and Rafael Navarro posted it all over social. Alas, at the time, we didn’t know its origins, so I wanted to … Continued