FPU at LCX this weekend!

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August 6th and 7th sees the renowned and ultra-diverse Latino Comix Expo return to the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, CA. We’ll be there hosting a panel centered on keeping lucha-heroes relevant in the era of billion dollar tentpole movies. We’ll also have a table of merchandise old and new, the centerpiece of which is a limited number of advanced proof copies of RENCOR: LIFE IN GRUDGE CITY. Author Matt Wallace will be on-hand all day Saturday to meet and greet and sign said copies, too! We’re right near Rafael Navarro, Jason Gonzalez of La Mano del Destino fame, and plenty of other enmascarado-friendly creators.


I can’t recommend the LCX enough — and don’t lame out and not go if you’re not Latino, either. This is language barrier-less event with a staggering array of talent, including big names like Jaime Hernandez. The venue is great, too! See the comics-themed art show in the museum then do some shopping and meet some creators…

More on the LCX show here.


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