RENCOR print edition now on sale!

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Loved by man and mummy alike, it’s here, the second-coming of Matt Wallace’s RENCOR: LIFE IN GRUDGE CITY! By popular demand the genre-blended love letter to buddy cop movies and classic lucha-heroes is now available in traditional print format.

“Funny, bloody-knuckled and character driven…a thriller like nothing else you’ll read this year. Essential work from an essential!” — Alasdair Stuart, Man of Words / Pseudopod

“A cross between Lethal Weapon and Lucha Underground…I’d happily read another dozen stories set in this world.” — Peter Milan, Phantom Canyon / Sentinels

Weighing in at 188-pages of masks, mummies and mayhem, the 6×9″ trade paperback has a lush matte-finish cover, and the usual FPU imprint touches — illustrated wrestler chapter icons, the signature end-paper images, etc.


Unique to the print edition are two full-pages dedicated to Jesse Justice’s phenomenal design illos of the book’s “pareja increible” El Victor and El Mil Calaveras.

Priced at less than $10, and Prime eligible through Amazon, you can’t beat this deal with a steel chair!



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