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One that got away…


I don’t know who it was who outbid me on this last month on eBay, but congrats to whoever it was…


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EL MONJE LOCO – The Mad Monk

While putting together the latest book, I realized twenty pages could have been dedicated to the horror institution that is “El Monje Loco” — part Cryptkeeper, part Zacherley, star of radio, newspaper strips, comic books, film and TV going on seven decades. Alas, I didn’t have those pages, so here’s some of what would have appeared:


I discussed the character briefly in reviewing the 1973 Agrasanches-produced Mil Mascaras and Tinieblas vehicle Leyendas Macabras de la Colonia in Zombi Mexicano, but I’ve never been clear if the character is an immortal undead, a ghost, a disfigured human or what.


Mad Monks from 60′s cinema and more modern TV

The comic books, however, were rife with outright zombie imagery, shambling corpses, grave poppers, vengeful victims and more.


How do you counter a zombie monk? Chair-shot to the head of course!

Particularly striking were the painted covers from Tradiciones y Leyendas de la Colonia, the other series that ‘inspired’ the ’73 film. These are positively stunning…


tradiciones_3 tradiciones_2 tradiciones_4 tradiciones_5

This one, however, is my favorite:


That coffin-burster could be the twin brother of my favorite zombie ever, the jaw-dropping skeletal screamer from the end of Return of the Living Dead.



See a lot more of these covers at the superb (and often gross!) Spanish-language site El Blog de la Muerte.


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UNUSED ZOMEX: Muertos line art

This time it’s something I did use in the book, albeit in the pink and orange scheme.

Here’s the much less psychadellic original line art for those of you who want something to color on your own.


A confession here — I cheated a bit in using these in the book, as the below are not actually my beloved momia/zombies at all. Rather, this is ad-mat art from the 1971 (or 73 depending on the database) Mexican creature classic Santo contra los asesinos de otros mundos (Santo vs. the Killers from Another World).

The Agrasanchez momia masks may have been used (or knocked-off) in this film for a series of grisly murder victim discoveries. The publicity line art was certainly inspired by the Guanajuato shamblers if nothing else…

zombie-line_4 zombie-line_3 zombie-line_2 zombie-line_1

If you haven’t seen this film, famous for its gladiatorial battle on what’s supposed to look like the moon (the set is executed with high-school play production values) and for the amazing Blob-like ‘monster’ made from an oily disgusting tarp, then cure that!


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We featured some shots of this fotomontaje back-up story from the May 1964 issue of Lucha Libre magazine in the new book. Now here it is in its entirety.


Special thanks to Tony Figueroa.

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If you read the back page of the new book, I promise all sorts of supplementary content, mainly the stuff that didn’t make the final page count. I had more Mexican zombie stuff than a mere single ZOMBI MEXICANO could hold, and this series of posts will be some cutting room floor gems and other related goodies.

I loved the zombie in bondage cover of this anthology comic COUNT BARTOK, soooo green! However, neither he nor his undead ilk appear anywhere in the issue itself, so I thought pages were better spent on the Mummies of Guanajuato comics and the Jose G. Cruz panels of Santo fighting zombies that did make it.

More coming Sunday. In the meantime, Happy Halloween everyone!

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Dead Wrestler Society

ilovedust is a London-based design boutique responsible for a great collection of tribute illustrations to deceased wrestlers. Check these out:

See an online gallery here.

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Blue Demon and a robot

Could never decide if this image was Blue Demon getting stomped hopelessly, or it he’s about to slap an ankle lock on this poor ‘bot…

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What was going on in Jose’s head?

There are some pretty damn strange covers to the decades-spanning run of El Santo comics by Jose G. Cruz, especially in the “fake Santo” era. But none are weirder than these two.

Is that a male of female skeleton? Does gender even matter once you’re all bones? Is Santo a peeping tom on their lesbian necrophelia, and did it lead to the jealous attack on the right? Does a shin to the crotch have any effect on a skeleton?

AAH! So many questions… this may be the ultimate Mexiluchahero WTF!


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Monsters wouldn’t stand a chance…

From Wrong Side of the Art.

Think about it for a second. Does’t a professional masked wrestler have an enormous advantage over the average human-scaled monster?

Has Dracula ever actually been in a stand-up fisticuffs? Would the Creature From the Black Lagoon have a clue how to escape a rear naked choke, especially out of water? Would a Wolfman even comprehend how to block a karate kick to the nose? I think not…

See, these creatures are all cowboy’d up on buxom damsels, meek villagers and scuba scientists, but a seasoned grappler is a whole different ball game. He knows the right application of pressure can undo the stitches in a Frankenstein’s shoulder, and guaranteed no shuffling Mummy ever took a flying drop kick, before or after the bandages.

Sure, they’re irradiated or crazy or imbued with paranormal strength blah blah blah, but when it comes right down to it, they’ve got no training. No skills to overcome someone who’s not your average victim waiting to happen, but rather a beefy maskedman looking to make headlines in the wrestling sheets by making a Mr. Hyde tap his way back into Jeckyll.

Unless someone was devious enough to train monster to wrestle! But who’d do something so… Oh, wait.

Yeah, OK, you’re right. Tiger Mask nemesis Mr. X trained all sorts of monsters to rassle. But… BUT! They were primarily monsters, see, and just moonlighting as wrestlers, so that divided career puts them at a serious disadvantage to the full time masked wrestler.


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We started the tradition of Monsters and Masks Month over at Vintage Ninja three years back now, and now that FPU is more up to its shinobi soul brother’s speed, why not bring the party over here, too.

So all posts this month will be horror/monster related, with emphasis on creepy critters and creature-themed wrestling gimmicks. Plenty of Dia de los Muertos in store, too!

Can’t think of a better way to start things off than with the best score of the old magazine days, this original pin-up piece of Mr. Unknown fighting the Creature from the Black Lagoon done by none-other than horror comics legend Bernie Wrightson.

Don’t ask me how we got the god of zombies, swamp monsters and Frankensteins to throw away his time on a mag like ours. Seriously, don’t, cuz 12-some-odd years later I still don’t know… Wow.

Want an 11×17″ version of this art on delightfully aging newsprint? Of course you do, that’s the way horror art is SUPPOSED to be enjoyed dammit! Buy FPU #5 here.


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