FPU at LCX in October

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The good folk over at the Latino Comics Expo have talked me into leaving my shell and hitting the road!

Bay-Area fans, come on out to San Jose  the weekend of October 11-12 for a fantastic, talent-loaded FREE show headlined by Los Bros. Hernandez of Love & Rockets fame, and which now includes TWO panel presentations by yours truly:



It’s an art-packed look at decades of vintage Mexican masked wrestler and superheroes, from Santo photo-comics to Kaliman to the Mexican version of Fantomas to obscure Tarzan knockoffs and beyond. I’m joined by a couple of superb creators keeping those traditions alive today — Rafael Navarro of Sonambulo fame and Jay Gonzo, creator of the superb La Mano del Destino. We did a version of this show at the Long Beach edition of LCX to a packed room of jaw-dropped comic fans who thought they had seen it all before, and left wanting more. Now we’re delighted to bring the whole deal north.



All you black-t-shirt-wearin Chiller Theatre and Fangoria types, skip church, screw football!

Come see a an hour of obscure gems of Mexican horror spanning the 50s to the 80s! Meet Mexico’s ‘Cryptkeeper’ El Monje Loco (the Mad Monk), learn the difference between south-of-the-border zombies and mummies, marvel at sepia-toned sea monsters and King Kong knock-offs, and much much more.


I’ll also have a table on the con floor with FPU back issues, rarities from the archives and some vintage lucha merch I’m regrettably culling from the collection due to space.

Come on down, the show is free and great indie stuff abounds!!!


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