A piece of FPU history uncovered!

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Remember the amazing Bernie Wrightson centerfold we ran back in FPU #5? I always assumed the original art for this rested in the profound Creature from the Black Lagoon collection of David J. Schow. Turns what he has up on his wall is the original inking copy, as a pencil original — signed and framed — has just turned up at the amazing Creature Features in Burbank, CA.


Apologies for the lousy pics, but this is a glass-framed piece inside a glass showcase…

Note the signature had the ’99 added in the inking stage:


This piece is indeed up for sale, however I don’t have pricing info. Creature Features can be contacted at (818) 842-8665 or info@creaturefeatures.com. Damn, this was cool to see. Love the original pencils…

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