THE STRAIN’s “Silver Angel”

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Despite it’s grocery list of elements and qualities that should make this show right up my alley, I’ve found it impossible to connect with the Guillermo del Toro FOX horror show The Strain.

However, these El Santo-inspired “Silver Angel” bits this season are absolutely wonderful. I cringe at the sooooooo over used crutch of ‘the-down-and-out-masked-wrestler’and don’t buy at all that this once iconic legend is so fallen he’s doing dishes at a dive in New York (never mind VHS tapes wouldn’t have subtitles, but that’s just me nerd-wining).

But man, you can’t argue with the visuals or the superb casting of Joaquín Cosio!



This Santo-tribute starts with Episode 4 of Season 2, available on various streaming platforms and cable in-demand channels.

OR, check out this GIF-heavy Spanish-language site for a ton more visuals.



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