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Los Angeles, CA — January 13, 2016

Matt Wallace novella Rencor: Life in Grudge City announced for Q2 2016

From Parts Unknown, upon entering the imprint’s 20th year championing lucha libre, vintage Mexican cinema and comics, and the wrestling mask as iconic pop culture, announces Rencor: Life in Grudge City — a new novella from acclaimed author Matt Wallace (Envy of Angels, Slingers, The Failed Cities).

Joining Christa Faust’s Hoodtown as FPU’s second offering of lucha libre-inspired fiction, Rencor turns the familiar ‘Mexican masked wrestler fighting crime’ idiom on its head. Two enmascarados — a heroic tecnico and a banished rudo with three generations of rivalry between them — are forced to team up when a new crime wave turns their city into a supernatural urban battle royal.

“Imagine Starsky and Hutch or 48 Hours, but they’re luchadores… and they HATE each other.” describes publisher Keith J. Rainville of the diverse genre-bending property. “We have this great setting — Ciudad Rencor, literally ‘Grudge City’ — somewhere in a borderless American southwest or Mexican north, built on pro wrestling, with El Santo and Blue Demon-type heroes and villains rich in its lore. But three generations later it’s a less black-and-white place that may no longer need or even want those heroes. When a new threat emerges, it’s up to these two masked men to save not only their city, but their way of life as well.”

Matt Wallace brings two careers worth of expertise to the project — having bled in Mexican rings during his well-travelled career as a professional wrestler, then after reinventing himself as a Hollywood-based one-man house of fiction, churning out combat-rife titles like the futuristic sports-based Slingers Saga and most recently the well-reviewed Sin du Jour series entry Envy of Angels for TOR.

“I grew up with lucha libre,” says Wallace, “I spent ten years as a professional wrestler training alongside and working luchadores and luchadoras in the deepest traditions of the sport. It’s a culture and a profession and a mythology I’ve wanted to write about for a long time, and literally no other publisher/collaborator would or could afford me the opportunity like Keith Rainville and From Parts Unknown. I’m excited as hell to do my enmascarado colleagues and heroes justice on the printed page.”

Rencor: Life in Grudge City will be released in eBook and print editions Q2 2016, cover and release dates
to be announced.

Author website: http://www.matt-wallace.com

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