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We started the tradition of Monsters and Masks Month over at Vintage Ninja three years back now, and now that FPU is more up to its shinobi soul brother’s speed, why not bring the party over here, too.

So all posts this month will be horror/monster related, with emphasis on creepy critters and creature-themed wrestling gimmicks. Plenty of Dia de los Muertos in store, too!

Can’t think of a better way to start things off than with the best score of the old magazine days, this original pin-up piece of Mr. Unknown fighting the Creature from the Black Lagoon done by none-other than horror comics legend Bernie Wrightson.

Don’t ask me how we got the god of zombies, swamp monsters and Frankensteins to throw away his time on a mag like ours. Seriously, don’t, cuz 12-some-odd years later I still don’t know… Wow.

Want an 11×17″ version of this art on delightfully aging newsprint? Of course you do, that’s the way horror art is SUPPOSED to be enjoyed dammit! Buy FPU #5 here.


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