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Do yourselves a favor and pick-up J. Gonzo‘s La Mano del Destino, from Castle & Key.

For its dynamic layouts, genuine love of lucha libre, attention to costuming detail and mask design, and a unique color palate that evokes old Third Eye blacklight posters and vintage Mexican pulp at the same time, I’m ranking this right alongside SonambuloWhoa! Nellie and the work of Jesse Justice on the short list of must-have comics.

Major bonus points for having characters at their peak of in-ring glory, too, and not leaning on the beyond-weary ‘down-and-out-masked-wrestler’ slumming it thing, too!

Creator Jason Gonzales is a veteran tattoo artist, and currently splits time between graphic design and illustration – and that’s an excellent skill pedigree for doing lucha comics. Puts him in similar company with Mitch O’Connell and Alexis Ziritt.

Seriously, this is the best $3.50 you’ll spend this summer!

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