Arm wrestle an enmascarado!

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FPU contributor David Buscemi snapped these pics of an arcade strength tester on a trip to San Francisco a few years back. At some point the machine had been given a Dos Caras/Masked Superstar makeover!

The 70s sideburns on this torture rack victim might be the only clue to the decade of origin of this machine. The Dos Caras-esque faceplate and righ of stars on the head are raised off the surface, so this isn’t just a repaint, either. Someone knew both their lucha stars and old-school American masked rasslers.

This amazing masked wrestler arm wrestling machine redefines the term ‘one-armed bandit’ eh! Don’t do it lady, your daughter doesn’t stand a chance!!!


Check this out! Quebrada and Italian Tiger Mask publisher Matteo Casali encountered the very same machine in Vienna Austria in 2003.

Clearly these are some sort of global recruiting device for a secret order of enmascarados booking the world from the shadows…

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