In celebration of DIA DE LOS MUERTOS…

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I’ve got some great “bag figures” featuring the likes of La Parka, Kadaver and Los Hermanos Muertos. At least I think that what some of the lower-quality ones are… these guys sometimes look like they were detailed with a house paint roller.

And check out the Parka ring, with nails and straws for posts and hair elastics for ropes.

God bless you Mexico!

Amazing how sometimes the uber-crudeness of the figures results in some genuine creepy details!

 And just a side note to consumers everywhere, try to remember that Dia de los Muertos is a religious holiday and means a lot to the Latino community. Gentrified as some events can be, it’s not a “Slutty Calavera” costume contest or excuse to sugar up on peanut butter cups and drink. 

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