Enmascarado Lotería Cards – Part 1

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fullsheet_1 fullsheet_2

Scored several vintage lotería card sheets recently. I’ll put up 10 or so close-up images at a time for the next several weeks.

No reliable way to know when they were done, but I’m guessing from the roster they are sometime in the 1980s. The paper doesn’t feel old enough to be pre-80’s, and on the other hand there’s a distinct lack of the usual suspects from 90s merch — no Octagon, no Konnan, etc.

The batch had some old schoolers like Dick Angelo, but also some 80s standouts like Lizmark and Cobarde. The rest is a mixed batch of by now obscure names, which is why I pounced in this collection.

Let the poorly printed, off-register-color glory commence!

Voltio-Negro Titanic


Tartu Supremo Simbolo


Satan-B Rey-Saul

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  1. Volker Stieber

    These are absolutely beautiful ! Thank you so much for posting them.

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