A couple old school rooftop portraits

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Publicity images from 60s lucha mags. If you subscribed to our old printed newsletter (FPU-Cito) in the 90s you may recognize these…

The photographers for Mexican wrestling mags would often take their subjects to the roof of whatever building they were in (the arena, the gym, who knows what) to get a sort of super-hero-y vibe for the masked men. Rooftop settings were as common as dingy arena hallways. These natural locales have been replaced by cheesy Photoshopped backgrounds today, alas.

This shot of the original Huracan Ramirez was in the very first vintage lucha mag I ever owned. Stuck in a snowbound office in Michigan, I’d stare at this shot from Planet Mexico, fascinated by everything from the clutter in the background to the weird old textiles and materials of the outfit.

Check out the leather knee guards on the tights that look almost corduroy! I also love the trend back then to pull an inch of white sweat sock above the lip of your short black leather boots.

Since seeing this shot, I’ve held the firm belief that enmascarados actually look BETTER in matador jackets than bull fighters do.

I know nothing of the ominously masked Dick Angelo, but man is that one of the coolest hoods of the late 50s/early 60s! I’ve only seen hand-tinted photos, the mask portrayed as either black or deep red.

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