HOODTOWN back in print!

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…and better than ever. As of today, a NEW print edition of Christa Faust‘s ground-breaking, genre-bending, “lucha-noir” defining alternate reality pulp Hoodtown is available on Amazon, bigger and better than ever.

Highlights of this expanded, deluxe new edition include:

  • new art from Rafael Navarro (Sonambulo, Guns-a-Blazin’)
  • new introductory texts from filmmakers Ivy Agregan (currently developing the book as a feature film) and “La Muñeca Del Terror” Gigi Saul Guerrero (Blumhouse’s “Into the Dark”, The Purge tv, El Gigante)
  • The Art of Hoodtown — un-cropped reproductions of the original book plate illustrations from the 2004 first edition as well as concept and rough draft sketches and un-used pieces from the book’s initial development





It’s mayhem, murder and masks in the acclaimed genre-bending ‘lucha-noir’ from Christa Faust (Peepland, Money Shot, Choke Hold).

Enter Hoodtown — ghetto of masked wrestlers, an inner-city sanctuary of hooded culture. Evolved from lucha libre, the family mask is sacred, and the sole expression of one’s identity.

Now, ‘Hood’ prostitutes are turning up murdered and worse, unmasked, and the ‘Skin’ establishment is as much help as a paid-off referee. Enter X, former luchadora with a bruised past, a bum knee and no time to play Santo. She’s no hero, but there’s nobody else to tag-in, as her hunt for a killer uncovers a conspiracy that could take down all of maskedkind.

Like Casablanca with wrestling masks, Hoodtown is vintage pulp noir with a lucha libra twist.


“the most deliciously unique, authentic and extravagant world lucha libre junkies could ever dream of”
— JORGE GUTIERREZ (Director: The Book of Life, Netflix’s Maya and the Three)

“A “gritty and gripping world of hustlers, crime lords, and luchadores… unlike anything you’ve ever read. A page-turner that I seriously could not put down…”
— GIGI SAUL GUERRERO (Director: Blumhouse’s “Culture Shock,” The Purge)


Christa Faust grew up in New York City, in the Bronx and Hell’s Kitchen. She’s been making stuff up her whole life, and spent most of her teen years on endless subway rides, cutting school and scribbling stories.

After High School finally had enough of her, she worked in the Times Square peep booths and later as a fetish model and professional Dominatrix.

She sold her first short story when she moved to Los Angeles in the early 90s. After nearly 20 years in her beloved adopted city, she still considers herself an expat rather than a native.

She’s an avid reader and collector of vintage paperbacks, a Film Noir enthusiast and a Tattooed Lady. She writes primarily Hardboiled crime fiction, but also does work-for-hire media tie in novels. She doesn’t plan to stop any time soon.

Her books include: Peepland, The Killing Joke, Money Shot and Choke Hold.

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