Galeria de Gladiadores — Vol 1

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Been WAY too long since we did a non-shill post, and its not like FPU HQ is bereft of inspirational content. So here’s a few images from a large collection of mini-poster / trading cards I scored over the holidays.


Entitled GALERIA DE GLADIADORES, these 2×2.5″-ish collectibles are printed on magazine cover stock, with pairs wrapped in newsprint wrappers decorated with old fight card graphics and newspaper halftones of stars like Santo and Solitario.



Once again, exact years are nigh-impossible to determine, but these are nowhere near new. The batch I got were predominantly¬†enmascarados, some familiar…

Gladiadores_3 Gladiadores_4

…others not so much…


…but man oh man do I love this artwork.

This one might be my absolute favorite:


I wonder how big these original portraits were?

I have a few dozen more we’ll dole out whenever we feel the world going into withdrawal from sheer masked wrestler amazingness.


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