And we’re BACK!

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May not have looked it, but this site and our sister effort VINTAGE NINJA had some serious technical difficulties over the holidays. Some lingering structural issues made it un-safe for me to post anything new on the site for way longer than anticipated, but all of our behind-the-scenes problems are seemingly fixed!

There’s a nice new navigation feature now fully functioning, too. Go to any of the CATEGORY ARCHIVES to the right (these were previously the sliding doors on the old site), and when you’ve scrolled down to the bottom of the page, the ‘previous page’ link buttons can now take you all the way back to our first posts more than five years ago, with a single click. Not that scrolling through a ton of old lucha and Mexican horror stuff was ever unpleasant, but some folks like to discover a site from the beginning, so there you go.

FPU is also a TON faster than the old site was, and is supposedly more mobile friendly depending on your device.

So yeah, good things!

New stuff coming, stay tuned…


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