A blast from Dia de los Muertos past…

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Back in yonder 2006, some of the FPU crew set up an altar at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery’s then rather less gentrified Dia de los Muertos celebration. There had been a spate of death’s in the wrestling world, and we paid tribute to all the masked men (or who had at one time been hooded) gone to that big ring in the sky. Several actors from classic lucha-hero films were included as well.


We had tecnico and rudo calaveras, with a skeletal referee, and votive candles surrounding homage photos of the fallen — all in golden ring with skull turnbuckles. Fortunately, the deaths in the wrestling business have slowed since…

FPUaltar_5 FPUaltar_6 FPUaltar_4 FPUaltar_8 FPUaltar_9


Hope to do this again somewhere, someday. The Hollywood Forever thing has become a bit of a co-opted trendy mob scene, alas, probably somewhat to the chagrin of the Latino families whose altars celebrate the memories of departed family to the delight of party-goers looking to extend Halloween. So we’ll probably look for a more traditional and modest location.

Here’s to the memories of so many great performers…


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