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The 64-page FPU #2 was in many ways a huge upgrade from the first issue of the magazine — I dropped the Maximum Rock-n-Roll coverless newsprint format and went with a glossy color cover, the page count doubled and we scored some history making interviews with the stars of Michinoku Pro (their first English language interview) and Jaime Hernandez (his only ever interview centered entirely on wrestling).

Apart from that, I have a really hard time looking at this thing. I moved three times during it’s multi-delayed progress, probably should have declared bankruptcy and certainly had no business sinking what little money I had into an underperforming zine with little to no ad support in real dollars.

BUT… 1997 and 1998 were just that good in terms of lucha libre and related pop culture. My drive to not let this thing die on the vine got me through some hard times, and I love that I didn’t let the mag die when it easily could have.

I also have a hard time looking at this thing due to some atrocious layout and typography, and will apologize to the modern reader for the crimes fonts-by-the-pound 90s design aesthetic demanded at the time. I was a self-taught desktop publisher starting in 1992 and the process of discipline for the sake of effective communications was slow in coming…

There’s also a LOT of bad info in here, from lousy Spanish to entertainment industry bullshit to speculations of things that photo search engines and a lack of related published resources allowed to fester, so take any sort of news or authoritative info here with caution.

Enjoy, and there’ll be more coming…


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