RENCOR roughs

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Carolina-based illustrator and wrestling title belt designer Jesse Justice is no stranger to the FPU faithful. Here’s a look at some of the roughs and design evolutions of the artwork he did for us for Rencor: Life in Grudge City. … Continued

RENCOR print edition now on sale!

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Loved by man and mummy alike, it’s here, the second-coming of Matt Wallace’s RENCOR: LIFE IN GRUDGE CITY! By popular demand the genre-blended love letter to buddy cop movies and classic lucha-heroes is now available in traditional print format. “Funny, bloody-knuckled … Continued

RENCOR now on sale!

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What has two rival luchadores forced to partner up to clean up the streets, a possibly fake mummy, a possibly real mummy, a Latina kick boxer in a lab coat, a crooked promoter, a crooked museum, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, over-aggressive … Continued

RENCOR now available for pre-order!

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Matt Wallace‘s Rencor: Life in Grudge City is now available for pre-order via Amazon! Matt’s fusion of buddy cop and ‘pareja increible’ tag team ring action joins Christa Faust’s Hoodtown on FPU’s exclusive shelf of enmascardo-infused hard-boiled fiction. PREORDER HERE … Continued

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